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Here is what some of our satisfied customers are saying about us!

"I had a great teacher; he explained the economics concepts clearly and always with interesting analogies and examples. I was able to learn a lot as a beginner in studying economics as he taught patiently and in detail. He also welcomed any questions from me and I enjoyed the lessons too as they were fun and fulfilling. This has placed me very well for my future university applications!"

Zihao , an Economics Mentoring Student

“My tutors comments on my personal statement were very insightful, and helped me drastically improve the quality of my writing. He was very easy to work with and was an amazing resource throughout this process. This allowed me to secure an interview from my first place university!”

Amy, a  Personal Statement Student

“My son's tutor was brilliant with lots of patience and explained the material so well, I would highly recommend him without a hesitation!”

Rochelle, parent of a Maths student

"My tutor helped me with the whole application process. During our sessions I was able to increase my TSA practice test results by more than fifty percent. On the maths questions, I found the most difficult ones that required me to think of three dimensional objects in my head. However, he presented me with logical approaches on how to solve them and I started getting these questions correct. Also he helped me a lot with perceiving in a better and more analytical way the reading questions. He acted very patiently and politely when explaining to me how to reach the answer of a question. Moreover, all the small tips he gave me about the exam led to me getting higher results on the practice tests. I am very grateful that he spent time helping me with my personal statement. Finally, he  answers all my questions that I have to him in a very short time. A big thank you for everything!"

 Martina, a personal statement and admissions test student

“Though only having a short time with my tutor before the exam, he was able to offer me a lot of support and useful tips I used during the exam!”

Isabella, an Admissions Test Student

"My tutor not only made learning fun and exciting, but he was always there to help, quickly respond to any questions or concerns. His passion for teaching shines through in every session. You couldn't ask for a better tutor!"

Biwei, a PPE mentoring Student

“Overall I found Adam’s tutoring sessions very helpful and effective. I went from knowing nothing about what to include in my PS to having a very thorough understanding of the content. The latest draft of my personal statement is a PS massive improvement from the first and Adam was always able to explain the issues in my clearly.”

Jiruari, a Perosnal Statement Student

I do not know where I would be without my tutors ’s help. He has helped me to rationally analyse problems, arguments and questions in ways which have hugely improved my admissions test scores

Louisa, a Admissions Test Student

"Working with my tutor over the past few months on the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) and Personal Statement preparation has been an unequivocally positive experience. His innovative mentoring approach was punctuated with memorable phrases and expressions, which added an engaging, enjoyable layer to our sessions. His ability to break down complex ideas into accessible ideas through anecdotes and pieces of genuine advice has been invaluable in both enhancing my Personal Statement and mastering the TSA test's intricacies. His bold and constructive criticism has been extremely helpful, especially in refining my Personal Statement and getting rid of extraneous information to create a statement which has the most innovative content in the most concise way. My tutors sessions have been thoroughly enjoyable and have truly bolstered my confidence ahead of my university application process."

Somchai, a Personal Statement and Admissions Test Student

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