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Long term mentoring

This a 6 month to 1 year program focusing on to pre-application academic enrichment. Here students learn about their subject beyond the school syllabus and develop their academic prowess. Beyond providing ample material for the personal statement, this course develops students to such a level that admissions professors stop seeing them as sixth formers but as already keen undergraduates!

Though we provide a bespoke service for all of our clients, these are some 'off the shelf' options based on what we usually find benefits the most students

Short personal statement session

This is for students who already have a good idea of what they are going to say in the personal statement but just need to polish it. In this one session your tutor will advance your personal statement more than you thought possible, preparing it for submission!

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Kings College Cambridge

Full personal statement assistance

This is a comprehensive program taking students the whole way through the personal statement process from brainstorming to drafting to editing. Typically, this takes 4 sessions but is curated for each students’ specific needs!


Interviews are often the most daunting part of any application process but this program demystifies this to allow every student to shine. The first session of this program goes through common interview questions for each subject by using our extensive past interview question bank as well as how to deal with unusual lines of questioning. After this, there are three mock interviews where students will receive written feedback allowing  them to progress through the process.

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University Admissions Tutors - Getting you an offer from a dream university


Certain courses require an admissions test and this course is a one stop shop to ace them. Students are guided on the admissions test and find their grades increasing after only a few sessions.

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